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Service Mart


1)  Process of Registration on service mart

·       New user need to first register on the app using the registration form

·       Before fill the form user has to select a language in which they want to use the app


·       In registration form user needs to provide their Full name, mobile number with country code (+91), Email (Optional), and the strong password.

·       User has to agree with terms and conditions of the app usage then and then only the user will be able to submit the form

·       After successful registration user will need to verify their registration by providing valid OTP sent to their mobile number.

·       After verification of registration user will be able look inside of the app

2)  Procedure of login to service Mart

·       To login in to your account at any instance of time user will need their mobile number and the password set for the associated account.

·       In case user forgot their password they can reset it by using “forget Password” option available at login scree.

·       User will need their mobile number with them where new machine generated password is sent to their mobile no which is used to verify that account belongs with them.

·       Once they are logged in using the new password app will allow them to change the password securely


3)  Manufacturer/Retailer/service provider/Rental Property Registration on Service Mart   

·       On Home screen user can found a floating button at the bottom right corner indicating “Add Your Business” from where user can add register their

·       Business to service mart.

·       After selecting “Add Your Business” user will need to fill the form where user has to enter all the detailed information about their business.

·       Business form contents

·       Business name

·       Business Category

·       Business type

·       Pricing condition

·       Interested areas to work

·       Detailed Description about Product /Service

·       Contact Details

·       Business Location

·       Images

·       YouTube Video link(optional)

·       Permanent Address

·       After entering all Detail user will finally able to submit the form.

·       Immediately after that user will be able to find their business listed in the respective classified category

·       An individual can manage their all business from the “My Business” page where all the business listed by the user will be listed.

·       If the individual wants to alter their business information such as changing YouTube Video link, sample images etc. the edit option is also available for that business owner only.

·       If an individual wants to keep their business listed on the top for a specific classified category, the bump up business option provides this facility to always list business among top 3 businesses. An automated process is developed to manage this feature.


4)    Finding the required services or product on service mart 

·       These user also has to go through the process of registration on the app

·       Once they registered successfully they will be introduced to the home screen of the app

·       From there user need to allow the app access to location or user can manually select the location where they need to be served.

·       Once location is selected user can go through any classified categories as per their requirement

·       Or they can also use search facility provided by the app to search their need that will provided results to the search based on the users location and searched term.

·       Users can look on the slider for local featured businesses helpful for them.

·       Users can directly call on the verified contact no provide by the individual while registering the business

·       We also provide in app messaging facility where service seeker can communicate with service provider directly

·       User can select their favourite business/services and mark them favourite to access them easily without searching for them over again and again.